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I recently placed an order with steroidsuk.org and was asked to write a review. This is without a doubt the best internet site to order from. This is a professional, discreet, customer service minded team with a wide variety of supplements and by far the fairest prices you can ever find.
After dealing with Lush Steroid I have this to say: The site is well maintained, prices are acceptable, customer service is above par, products are legit, and delivery was record time for an overseas order to the U.S., 5 days! I was impressed. Lush Steroid has earned my trust and I would recommend them to anyone looking for Lushs.

I just received my order, and it was perfect. But you included free ephedrine? Anyway thanks a lot. I know you all can be trusted and I will definitely come back for more , Thanks a lot,very reliable- thanks
N.L – US

Today I just received my order.Fast shipping,good communications.I will do more business and buy more staff.Best Regards
M.M – US

Your order has reached me i am very happy. i can truly trust you. i will spread you as a good site. very respectable. please get ready for my future order.
N.L – UK

Hi,just wanted to let you know that i recived Order #1323 about a week ago.and just wanted to thank you for the items that i ordered and the fast shipment only took 6 days to get my order in the us thanks
A.J – UK

I received my order today 10th of May. All products were shipped well and the order is correct. I just wanted to thank your for your professionalism in seeing that my order was fulfilled. I will most DEFINITELY be using your services again and I have already recommended your service to my friends. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!
M.B – UK

I recieved my shipment today. Thank you very much. I already used it and could tell a couple hrs after. Thankx!!!
J.L – UK

Hi guys I am just emailing you guys to let you know that I have recieved my order today. Thank you. You guys are great as well as your serve and your pruducts. Thank you for helping me to achive my bodybuilding dreams.THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!!!!
A.P – UK

http://www.steroidsuk.org is a great source.ive only made made 2 orders with them but i am completely satisfied.the only reason i gave them a 4 instead of a 5 is because they do not have to wide of a selection but other than that i highly recomend them.
M.M – UK

I ordered this product and it only took about 14 days to get came in a very good package, and i have been taking Dianabol for about 1 week now and gained 6 lbs. This is a very good steriod so everyone out there feeling wary about this site its for real and its awesome! Also the people are very friendly and responds quickly to emails. Very awesome that you guys do you thank you so much.
R.S – UK

Hey guys i recieved my order today.i really appreciate you guys hooking me up with all of those extra bionabols.you guys are great.it was a pleasure doing buisness.once again….thanks.
A.P – UK

Great stability, every order I have purchased has came with no promblems and is packaged and thought out well. Probably the most reliable site on the net.
E.F – UK